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Purported Motorola Dinara press shot slips out, carries a whiff of Atrix 3


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We're taking this with a big block of salt, but we may have just had our first real peek at the Motorola Dinara's American form. A claimed press shot has the possibly Snapdragon S4-powered Android 4.0 phone carrying a fairly plain shell, but also sporting a 720p display and an all-touch interface borrowed from Motorola's recent Chinese introductions. The tip to The Verge hasn't produced any shocks, including the mention of LTE and preloaded AT&T apps, although the badging does give us some room for skepticism: AT&T rarely if ever leaves its three-letter name out of phone branding, and that front camera position is slightly odd. As long as no wool has been pulled over eyes, however, the Dinara could be a candidate for another Atrix sequel that keeps Motorola on Big Blue.

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