Noctua's noise-canceling PC fan gets tested, drops twenty decibels

 Noctua's noisecanceling PC fan gets tested, drops twenty decibels

Having trouble tuning out the hum of your PC fans? Maybe it's time you took another look at Noctua's NF-F12 integrated noise cancellation fan. According to the firm, the Computex prototype kept things about 20dB quieter by utilizing a patented RotoSub ANC technology to emit anti-noise directly from the fan's own blades. Noctua hopes to dampen the cooler's 2,500 RPM hum to the overall noise level of a slower 1,500 RPM fan. Builders looking to piece together a quieter machine can look for the noise reducing cooler an the latter half of 2013. Your old fan? Well, you could always use as a makeshift turntable. Hit the break for a peek at a more silent tomorrow.