High-end gear in Dust 514 costs 24 cents in real money

Highend gear in Dust 514 might cost just 24 cents in real life
CCP Vice President Morgan Godat has revealed the real-world cost of a high-end set of gear in the upcoming EVE Online companion, Dust 514, and it might be cheaper than you expect: About 24 cents. If you were to equip a character in the game with some of the highest-level gear out there and send them out into battle with equipment all purchased directly with real money, it would really only cost you a cent less than a quarter.

But that figure is a little misleading, unfortunately, on both ends. On the one hand, that's the cost to equip a character once. When you die (which you'll do a lot in the match-based first-person shooter), you'll have to rebuy all of that gear, so players will probably buy their guns and armor by the hundreds or even thousands, not just one set at a time.

And just like EVE Online, most of the gear in the game will be purchasable with in-game cash, called Isk, not just real-money purchased gold, called Aurum. EVE Online players will even be able to buy gear for Dust 514 players, so if you're a great shooter some ship jockey might fund your gear bill once the two games are finally connected. Dust 514 is currently heading into a series of betas (so these costs are still in flux anyway), and readying itself for a launch later this year.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.