Team Fortress 2 'Pyromania' update is three days of new content

Team Fortress 2 'Pyromania' update is three days of Pyro in the spotlight
The Pyro is finally getting his own "Meet the Team" short on Wednesday, and to celebrate Valve is trickling out three days of update goodies for Team Fortress 2. Valve is calling it the Pyromania update.

First up today is Doomsday, a new map and corresponding game mode where one team attempts to deliver a suitcase nuke to a waiting rocket, while the other team attempts to stop them. This new map and game mode brings a whole slew of new achievements to unlock. We'll learn more about this Pyromania update as Valve unlocks even more new content in Team Fortress 2 over the next two days.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.