World of Warplanes dev video talks game modes, air superiority

World of Warplanes - Wildcat on the prowl continues to dive-bomb media outlets with material on its World of Warplanes title. The free-to-play flight shooter, which is a follow-up to the firm's uber-successful World of Tanks, is currently in closed beta testing.

The company has released its third developer video, which features several dev personalities talking at length about game modes and advancing your virtual pilot. says that initially WoWP was a riff on World of Tanks' capture-the-base mechanics. Due to the higher speeds involved (and the resulting "boring and awkward" gameplay), the concept was scrapped in favor of superiority.

Superiority is now the main game mode in World of Warplanes, and in a nutshell the objective is to either destroy all 15 of the opposing team's planes or destroy a certain percentage of ground targets. Check out the full clip after the break.

[Source: press release]

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