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Modbook introduces the Modbook Pro

Dave Caolo , @davidcaolo

Who remembers the Modbook? We looked at an early iteration back in 2008, and today the company has introduced the Modbook Pro.

It is a tablet, but the Modbook Pro does not run iOS. It's essentially the hardware of a 13" MacBook Pro inside a tablet case with a touch screen, running OS X. The company notes that the screen uses a Wacom digitizer for "512 levels of pen pressure sensitivity," which it claims is more than any other tablet. As for the screen itself (1280 x 800 pixel resolution), the Modbook says it's "etched" for a paper-like feel.

So what's inside this beast? You'll find a 2.5GHz dual core Intel i5 processor ( 2.9GHz dual core i7), up to 16GB of RAM, a 2.5–inch SATA drive (up to 1TB HDD or up to 960GB SSD), DVD burner, an Intel HD Graphics 4000 chipset, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. On the outside you'll find a Gigabit Ethernet port, one FireWire 800 port, one USB 3.0 port, one Thunderbolt port, one SDXC card slot and one audio line in/out.

The device ships with a digitizer pen, which can be tucked away inside a magnetic "pen garage" when not in use.

The company hopes to ship the Modbook Pro in "fall of 2012," and has promised sales info within the next few weeks.