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Sony LT30 is Bluetooth-certified: packs 720p display, Snapdragon S4, no name


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An as-yet unannounced Sony phone has been given another official nudge, courtesy of a filing over at leaky favorite, Bluetooth SIG. The device houses a substantial 4.6-inch screen carrying a 720p display and Sony's Mobile Bravia engine software tweaks. It's apparently part of Sony's "premium product line" and while glamor shots are still non-existent, we're told that it'll have a familiar-sound arc design, and a metal back cover -- a rarity for Sony phones. Despite these heady specs, the phone remains slim at 9 mm, and a weight of around 140g, while the LT30 model number tallies with some earlier benchmark appearances and user agent profiles that suggest the device will pack Android 4.0 and an LTE-friendly Snapdragon S4 processor. Good news then, if you thought Sony wasn't launching enough phones this year.

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Source: Bluetooth SIG
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