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Nokia grows Destination Maps coverage to 4,605 venues in 38 countries, coming to Nokia Maps soon

Zach Honig

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After covering more than 23 million miles of the world's roadways, Nokia has focused on expanding its interior mapping footprint. Since its launch during CTIA 2011, the company's Destination Maps service has grown to cover a total of 4,605 different venues in 38 countries, including airports, department stores, shopping malls and transit hubs. As you can see in the infographic above, the majority of those locations are in North America, with a total of 2,595 mapped on the continent, followed by 1,778 in EMEA, 225 in the Asia Pacific region and just seven in Latin America -- that's 235 million square feet in all. Nokia also promises much more to come in the future, with hints identifying amusement parks and stadiums as possible beneficiaries. The company also reiterated its recent partnership with Bing, adding that Nokia Maps will have access to Destination Maps in the not-so-distant future as well. You'll find a few more details at the source link below, and while we don't have precise predictions to share, you can rest easy knowing that Nokia's indoor effort is far from complete.

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