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Rumors continue to swirl about whether or not Star Wars: The Old Republic will embrace the free-to-play model. In a recent interview, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitello threw a bit more fuel on the fire by stating that the company is looking at different models to help make Star Wars: The Old Republic accessible to the largest number of people. The recent unlimited trial of the game is the first of several steps designed to lower the game's barrier to entry for new players.

Riccitello explains that the biggest problem facing the game is competing against the currently massive free-to-play market, which he describes as a major challenge to any game launching with a subscription model. Despite this, there's no direct confirmation that the game will be embracing the free model in the near future. The full interview can be found on CNBC with further commentary from Riccitello regarding the growing impact of digital distribution and EA's longer plan over the next several years.

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