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Visualized: Samsung Galaxy S III blasted with X-ray, doesn't gain superpowers


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Tearing down a gadget normally presents a Catch-22 of having to destroy what you love to see how it works. As it turns out, there's a clever way around that clause: when you have access to digital mammography X-ray machines beyond the hospital, like reader Alex does, you can get a peek at a Galaxy S III's insides without having to dissect that Hyperglazed beauty layer by layer. The resulting scan stresses just how tightly packed Samsung's Android flagship is when it's all put together, but it also carries a slightly ethereal, Ghost of Smartphones Present aura, doesn't it? While we doubt that Charles Dickens would ever have imagined this kind of spirit, you can gaze upon a much larger, even more detailed version of the supernatural Samsung after the break.

Visualized Samsung Galaxy S III goes through Xray, doesn't gain superpowers

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