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Project Glass pre-orderers welcomed as 'Explorers', promised super secret updates on progress


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Google's Project Glass had a surprisingly large presence (skydivers) during its I/O event earlier this year, and now company co-founder Sergey Brin has checked in with the attendees who promised $1,500 for a set of the augmented reality eyepiece. In his message he shared a photo he took while cruising through Montana thanks to a mode it's testing that snaps a picture every 10 seconds, no intervention needed. Unfortunately, if you're not in that exclusive pre-ordering group you'll have to wait for details like these to leak out secondhand since private updates, special events, Google+ Hangouts, secret handshakes and Little Orphan Annie decoder rings (perhaps not the last two) are reserved for a "unique, trusted community." Hey, it's not like the rest of us wanted some silly visor or etched glass blocks anyway.

Project Glass preorderers welcomed as 'Explorers', promised super secret updates on progress

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