LotRO's Burglars get a headsup about expansion changes
Turbine Developer Jonathan Steady is spreading the word through back alleys and in seedy taverns: Changes are coming for Lord of the Rings Online's Burglars when Riders of Rohan hits. The team's specifically looking to strengthen the mischief-maker trait line, although the changes don't stop there.

Of probable interest to the game's Burglar population is the revelation of new high-level skills coming with the expansion. Burglars will be receiving Trick: Improved Disable, which adds a finesse debuff to the toolset; Improved Confound, another finesse debuff; and Improved Addle, a tactical damage debuff.

Other changes include a 25% heal when the Burglar uses Find Footing, the ability to use Practical Joke outside of stealth, and a beefed-up Antidote skill that gets rid of all poisons.

This article was originally published on Massively.