TIME magazine's cover story for Aug. 27 addresses how phones, specifically smartphones, have revolutionized the world in the past few years. TIME paired with Qualcomm to conduct a mobility poll to see how glued we are to our mobiles; if you think we're addicted to our phones in the U.S., take a look at the numbers for Brazil, India and China. Out of the 5,000 people surveyed, 84% of them can't go for a day without their phones.

The issues TIME dove into include: using texting and apps to promote charity, how phones are slowly replacing toting cards in a wallet, access in rural areas, photography, politics, health, education, the thorny issue of how old should a child be before texting and more. Every image shot in the package was done so using a mobile phone camera.

TIME prepared for the story by soliciting Instagram photos from around the world, stitching them together in a collage of 288 photos. The original submissions were staggering: 31,429 images from more than 120 countries, TIME reported. Every continent was represented, including Antarctica. A gallery shows some of the editors' favorites.

The Aug. 27 issue of TIME should be hitting newsstands within the next few days if you want to read the dead-tree version, likewise with the iPad version. The articles are online now, but you will need a subscription to access most of them.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.