Guild Wars 2 makes its first soundtrack single available on iTunes

Actually, from the looks of those wolf things, fearing this night seems eminently sensible.  Or at least fearing the hungry things hiding in the night.
Are you fond of MMO music? If you're not, then you probably won't care that Guild Wars 2 has put its first single from the soundtrack on iTunes. If you're a regular reader of our Jukebox Heroes column, however, that announcement is probably figurative music to your ears. (The actual music to your ears being, you know, the actual music in question.)

Fans of Jeremy Soule's work on Guild Wars 2 can now head to iTunes to purchase Fear Not This Night, an anthem of the Sylvari people as sung by the mystical Pale Tree. If you're quick on the draw, the song is available until Monday for just 99 cents. After Monday, it's priced at $1.29. Either way, if you want a taste of the soundtrack before springing for the whole collection (which clocks in at four discs in total), you can head on over and get the first song.
This article was originally published on Massively.