SOE Live puts out a call for player-run panels

No, making everyone in the room listen to you explain your question for ten minutes during a Q&A session does not count as running a panel.
Have you ever been sitting and watching a panel at a convention while thinking that you could totally host a panel yourself? Sony Online Entertainment seems inclined to agree with you. That's why this year's SOE Live event has halls set aside and time blocked off for player-run panels, during which you and your fellow players can get up on the stage and have the attention of your fellow attendees. If you've got something you'd like to present and you want an audience, here's your chance.

Submitted panels will be subject to an approval process, as SOE is expecting a lot of interest. Panelists who are approved will be given an all-access pass for free and will be given a refund for any previously purchased pass. There are also a number of restrictions on content and hardware available: There's space for running a PowerPoint presentation, for example, but you'll need to bring your own laptop. If none of that scares you off, get thinking about your topic and see if you can hold the interest of a room as well as you think.
This article was originally published on Massively.