When it comes to evaluating the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is new devices and purchasing plans.

On Wednesday, Tim Cook and friends introduced the new and delicious iPhone 5. With a speedy new processor and a camera system to die for -- to say nothing of that expanded screen and gloriously fast LTE wireless -- is this the gadget that makes you open your wallet? Or will you choose the new iPod touch instead? Same great screen, same great Siri, but no cellular contract (saving you money in the long run). Or how about those sweet new iPod nanos? Did they catch your heart?

Which new Apple gadget (if any) did you decide to order? You tell us. Place your vote in this poll and then join in the comments with all your thoughts about this launch.

What are you planning to buy?
Are you kidding? I've already pre-ordered my iPhone 5. C'mon baby! It's 4" Retina Time!3875 (43.9%)
I'll be ordering an iPhone 5, but I'm going to wait a while.2325 (26.3%)
Forget about the iPhone -- that iPod touch is to die for.183 (2.1%)
"Nano, nano" -- Mork from Ork. (If you're too young to get this joke, we at TUAW apologize to you. Trust us, it's funny.)57 (0.6%)
It's evolution, not revolution. I'm waiting until the next refresh cycle.1535 (17.4%)
Where the heck is my iPad mini? They promised us a mini. There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering iPad mini! (C'mon. Everybody watches Bugs Bunny, right?)278 (3.1%)
Something else. I'll tell you in the comments.576 (6.5%)

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