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Google shutters Music Search in China, concedes battle to Baidu


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Google has had a rough go of it in China. The company seems to fall farther and farther behind the home-grown search powerhouse Baidu. The latest battle Mountain View has been forced to concede is in the world of music. Google Music Search launched in 2009 as a legal alternative to Baidu's own tool that turned up primarily illicitly shared results. The service never took off, even with the backing of a local partner, and things only got worse when the web giant ceased censoring results and took it wares to Hong Kong. The fatal blow came last year when Baidu signed a licensing deal with One-Stop China -- a joint venture of Universal, Warner and Sony BMG. Since that day, you could argue that Google has only been postponing the inevitable. Today's announcement officially begins the countdown, and on October 19th Google Music Search will close its doors for good in China.

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