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RIM shows off native Facebook and Foursquare apps for BlackBerry 10, confirms Twitter and LinkedIn for launch


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RIM has had to deal with a few big names leaving their BlackBerry apps behind, but it's managed to keep four of the biggest on board for its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. That includes Facebook, which will have a native app that RIM revealed for the first time at today's BlackBerry Jam Americas conference. Not surprisingly, the app itself doesn't look a whole lot different than the Facebook apps for Android or iOS, but it is fully integrated with the OS and promises to take advantage of the new Flow interface and features like the BlackBerry Hub. What's more, while it didn't demo them today, RIM also confirmed that BB10-specific LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare apps will also be available at launch.

Update: RIM did later give a quick demo of the Foursquare app (pictured after the break), which it says was able to be ported to BB10 in a week by just two developers.

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RIM shows off native Facebook app for BlackBerry 10, confirms Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn for launch

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