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Dropbox teams up with Facebook to let folks share stuff within Groups


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You never really know what to expect when two of the bigger names in tech join forces and announce something fresh. In some cases you may see an end result of things like that RAZR i, but when Dropbox and Facebook are involved, you can surely bet it has to do with sharing something with your pals -- and such is the case today. Dropbox announced earlier that it's now allowing folks to share files with their friends inside Facebook Groups, giving users the ability to instantly post anything from notes to videos with a couple of simple clicks. Of course, those on the other side will be able to like what you share, leave comments, as well as be updated automatically as soon as an edit has been made. At the moment, not everyone's seeing the changes just yet, though Dropbox has said it shouldn't be too long before most people can spot the new feature.

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