2048px.com lets you customize iPad wallpaper

Tired of the same old wallpaper on your Retina display iPad? 2048px.com may be just the place to visit in order to turn your wallpaper from boring to WOW!

The site is the brainchild of Kal Michael, Joe Workman and former TUAWite David Chartier. To quote the "About" page on the website, "Apple released the new iPad in March 2012 and the internet called out for a way to give it beautiful, Retina-quality wallpapers. We answered with 2048px.com."

The site is now at version 2.0, and has a number of new features to make it even more useful. There's a selection of nice wallpapers, including some great ones from one of my favorite artists, David Lanham. Once you've selected one you really like, there's an option to tap a small triangular "fx" tab in the upper left corner of the image to add either pixelation or blurriness to varying degrees and even add grain, lines or a mesh to the image.

Once it looks just the way you want it, the wallpaper can be downloaded with a tap (yes, you can do this all on your iPad), emailed or shared via Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. There's no charge for 2048px -- it's ad-supported -- and the proprietors are actively seeking submissions from artists. If you're bored of your current iPad wallpaper, give 2048px.com a whirl.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.