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Lytro camera gets manual controls, new colors and accessories for exacting light-field fans


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A frequent gripe of Lytro camera owners has been the hands-off nature of the photography, with that signature infinite focus about the only real fine-tuning that's on tap. As of a fresh firmware upgrade, the light-field camera is much friendlier to demanding shooters. The unconventional point-and-shoot now lets owners manually adjust the ISO sensitivity (80 to 3,200) and shutter speed (1/250th of a second to 8 seconds) as well as lock the exposure or invoke a neutral density filter. Regardless of their precision demands, anyone who was already sold on the concept still gets a few perks with today's refresh: the 8GB model now comes in Seaglass green and a Target-exclusive Moxie Pink, and there's both a $30 sleeve as well as a $60, accessory-friendly case for those who've fully committed to the Lytro lifestyle. Neither upgrade will bring higher resolutions or video, but they'll go a long way towards accommodating those who were at least on the fence. Check out an interactive sample of the shutter speed control's benefits after the break.

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