With many Twitter apps, following a conversation can be somewhat like watching the movie Memento: you're jumping around a timeline, getting bits and pieces of the conversation -- sometimes in reverse chronological order -- and then moving back to the timeline again. Developers at Glasshouse Apps created a Twitter app for iPad called Quip with a unique way of handling conversations, and that app is now available with a new name -- Tweetglass (US$0.99).

The conversation view of Tweetglass is quite impressive. Any tweet that is part of a linked conversation displays a special icon which, when tapped, displays all of the tweets in that conversation in correct chronological order (see screenshot above). Conversations can also be connected through an avatar-hold gesture.

Tweetglass also has a filter to highlight tweets that have been retweeted a certain number of times, and a filter to pull out tweets containing images and display them on a specially formatted page.

In a market that seems saturated by me-too Twitter clients, it's refreshing to see that some developers are thinking about new ways to approach the flood of information from Twitter.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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