Zombies!!! board game adaptation still in development, coming soon

Zombies!!! still under development, coming soon
It turns out a full console version of Zombies!!! is still shambling around, according to a new trailer and dev diary released this week. Developer Barbaroga has been working on a bigger and better video game version of the Twilight Creations board game for over two years now, though the project's been dark since late 2010.

A version did get released on Windows Phone last year, but it's finally arriving soon, according to these videos, on Xbox Live, Windows, iOS and Android.

The graphics have been updated, the gameplay and controls have been tweaked, and Babaroga has added asynchronous multiplayer features, so players will be able to trade turns back and forth. Babaroga says the full console version of Zombies!!! should be out as soon as "winter" this year.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.