Star Trek Online streamlining elite gear acquisition in Season 7
If you've been frustrated with the difficulty and randomness of obtaining the best gear in Star Trek Online, know this: Cryptic has heard you. The studio admits that both internal metrics and player testimonies have proven that the current system of endgame gear acquisition is too stingy and obtuse. As a result, the team is preparing to vastly streamline it in Season 7.

There are many elements to this streamlining, however. Among them is the reduction of 42 items needed for certain gear sets to a mere two, shared drops across all special task forces, and a progress bar that shows when your drop will materialize.

CM Brandon Felczer sums it up as thus: "By removing the random drop nature of the STFs, players will be able to use the reputation system to visualize their progress towards obtaining these awesome gear sets. It is clearer, easier to understand, and by reducing the number of STF runs needed, the rewards are flat-out more realistic to obtain for the average player."

This article was originally published on Massively.