BioWare-Mythic is now just Mythic
Has the BioWare name lost its luster? That depends on whom you ask, of course, and we can't help but wonder at the mixed message behind Mythic's recent decision to dissociate itself from the famed RPG behemoth.

In a blurb on the official Warhammer Online website, community manager Kai Schober writes that BioWare Mythic will henceforth be known as Mythic, which is a return to the studio's pre-2010 days before it merged with BioWare and adopted the parent company's name as its prefix.

"In the wake of a new focus our studio has recently changed its name from BioWare Mythic to Mythic. Everything else stays the same -- our passionate teams will continue to support and develop our existing titles as well as working on some new and exciting projects," Schober writes.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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