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    Watch Indie films for free on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

    Mel Martin

    SnagFilms is a free, universal iOS app that brings hundreds of independent films to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You search by category or title. SnagFilms offers a nice collection, and I even found a pair of documentaries about Apple.

    The app is ad-supported, so you'll see an ad before your movie begins and at least another during the presentation. I understand the need for advertisements, but SnagFilms presented the same ad repeatedly, which detracts from the experience.

    I use SnagFilms to watch Macheads and a documentary about the race to the moon on my iPad. The quality of audio and video was fine. The developers say they are adding new films all the time.

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    You can't save movies to a queue unless you provide your Facebook login, which I find an irritating trend in several apps I've used recently. I don't think having a Facebook login should be a requirement to fully use this app. Movies can be watched without a Facebook account or login.

    The app supports AirPlay. Although you can watch movies on a 3G connection, WiFi is recommended, and indeed when I tried it on a 3G network there were frequent pauses and once all I got was audio.

    Still, SnagFilms has a collection of films you may not find anywhere else, and if you can put up with the repetitive ads I think the app offers a lot for no expense. There should be films for every taste.

    SnagFilms requires iOS 4.3 or later. It has not been optimized for the iPhone 5.

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