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PS Vita's 2.0 firmware update arrives with PlayStation Plus, speedier browser and more

Alexis Santos

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Version 2.0 of the PlayStation Vita's firmware has just gone live, bringing with it PS Plus and a handful of new features. Thanks to the fresh update, the handheld's browser can be used without quitting games and has been sped up and overhauled with a revamped rendering engine and optimized GPU performance. In addition, the video application on Sony's portable has been bolstered to play 1080p video, and a brand-new email app has arrived with notifications and support for up to five accounts in tow. If gamers have the itch to transfer content from their PC to their Vita, the "two-dot-oh" release allows the mobile rig to connect wirelessly to computers and pull down content. For additional details, hit the more coverage links below.

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