Around Azeroth: A homegrown monster

Around Azeroth A homegrown monster MONDAY
"Hey there, AA, it's your old pal Drahken again," writes submitter Drahken of Sojourn on Arthas (US-H). "Without further ado, may I present a most curious sight: My Little Mushan, or Adventures in Aeronautics. Has Galleon come to market? No, wait. It's just a trick of perspective. But that would mean ... AHHH! They're mutating! We already had regular earth-bound mushans, and now we have winged ones too! This adventurous mushan wanted to soar with the plainshawks and has spread his wings. Let's just hope none of them start growing magic horns from their foreheads. Then we'd really be in trouble."
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This article was originally published on WoW Insider.