Dead or Alive 5 5th round of costumes
The Dead or Alive 5 outfitters remain unrelentingly diligent, with the game's fifth round of costumes out today on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network. The China Pack, Formal Wear, and Special 3 sets are now available on XBLM for 400 MSP each, or bundled together for 1040 MSP. On the PS Store the individual sets are priced $4.99, and the all-in-one bundle $12.99.

DOA5's male characters actually get a decent look-in this time. Three of the lads get their Chinese fighting gear on, meanwhile Eliot is dressed as a bartender, Bass as a mafia dude, and Zack as a cross between C-3PO and an alien clubber. Of course, it wouldn't be Dead or Alive without a few eyebrow-raisers. If you're planning to peruse the gallery below, brace your eyes for Christie in "black leather bondage gear."

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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