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Mugen Power offers massive 6,400mAh Galaxy Note II battery, tests the limits of our pockets


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Is the already insanely long battery life of the Galaxy Note II just not enough? Mugen Power's new extended battery might not have Samsung's giant smartphone running forever, but it sure will feel like an eternity. At 6,400mAh, the replacement has more than twice the capacity of the Galaxy Note II's stock 3,100mAh pack while keeping the NFC wireless. Just don't expect to shove the resulting franken-phablet into a tight pants pocket -- like most such batteries, Mugen's is much thicker than the default and even comes with its own kickstand to save wrist strain during a movie marathon. The pack normally costs $106 and is listed as working with most any Galaxy Note II variant, including at least the American variants for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular. Those who can bide their time until the quoted December 21st ship date will end up with a tank of a smartphone, but one that might just last a whole weekend away from a wall outlet.

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