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Humble THQ Bundle receives 'Titan Quest' addition, Red Faction DLC

The Humble THQ Bundle received a couple little bonus additions today, in the form of Titan Quest and the Red Faction: Armageddon downloadable content "Path of War." Titan Quest was a Diablo-esque RPG created by the now shuttered Iron Lore studios. Red Faction: Armageddon's "Path of War" DLC was released shortly after THQ announced it would abandon the franchise.

The Humble THQ Bundle, which includes a cornucopia of the publisher's games, earned over $2 million in 24 hours. With six days to go on the pay-what-you-want bundle, it's currently pulled in $3.7 million, with the average purchase of the eight-game bundle a mere $5.58. That's about four and half shares of THQ stock.

Update: Little bit of confusion about whether those who previously purchased the bundle receive the new items. Yes, you do. Follow the link you received in your purchase confirmation email.