Samurai Shodown sits on a throne of liesLongtime developer Gregg Tavares recently appeared on the 8-4 Play podcast, where he revealed an interesting tidbit about 1993 fighting game Samurai Shodown. Prior to his development team getting code for the game to port it to the Neo Geo, a member of the team noticed something odd about the sword-clashing mini-game that prompts players to mash buttons: the buttons don't actually do anything.

When the team picked up the contract, they checked the code to find that the mini-game, while displaying a command encouraging players to press buttons to win the sword dual, actually "picks a random number" to determine the winner. The surprise of the other panelists at finding out about this quirky Samurai Shodown nugget of information makes listening in at the 1:36:05 mark worthwhile.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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