We mentioned developer David Frampton's new iOS game The Blockheads when it arrived last week, but just in case you haven't gotten a chance to see and play it yet, here's one more spotlight on it as our Daily iPhone App. The Blockheads is a really great game -- it's Frampton's take on Minecraft, with a touch-friendly iOS 2D look, and a number of interesting innovations that change the game up quite a bit.

The biggest of these is the game's queue system -- unlike Minecraft or the great Junk Jack, you don't control The Blockheads' protagonists directly, instead you give them orders to walk around the world or dig up a certain square. This means the game is slightly more abstract than other survival sandbox games, letting you as the player focus on what you're building rather than tapping away on a certain block.

Blockheads' biggest weak point is that the game does cling to a very realistic view of the world: Your Blockheads needs to sleep every night, and after a little while, finding food in the wasteland-like world becomes a priority. Building some items can also be slow -- the game is completely free, but relies on a "time crystal" mechanic for in-app purchases that can be a bit annoying when some tasks take an extremely long time.

But aside from those small quibbles, The Blockheads is a really amazing title that's available right now for free on both iPhone and iPad. Frampton has tweeted that the game has already seen a sizable amount of success, and it's much deserved -- he's a talented and hardworking developer. If you missed this one when it arrived last week, don't make the same mistake again this time.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.