Heroes of Newerth's 3.0 update focused on new player friendliness
Heroes of Newerth's 3.0 update is finally here! As we reported earlier this month, S2 Games hopes its latest mega-patch will make the popular MOBA title "more accessible than ever" by focusing on the new player experience via a revamped walkthrough. There's also an in-game Learnatorium boasting a series of tutorial videos and a new system of player-controlled AI bots that allow new players to ease into the game before tackling a human opponent.

S2 has also added a referral program and a new report-a-player system, both with the goal of making HoN's community the best in the MOBA space. Finally, we've embedded the latest HoN dev diary video for you after the break -- and don't forget the exclusive lore trailer we brought you last week!

[Source: S2 press release]

This article was originally published on Massively.
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