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TomTom intros iPhone app for its taxi trial service, helps Dutch get home quickly


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There's been a perpetual catch with TomTom's taxi hailing service in Amsterdam (and now Rotterdam): passengers have to hail from a specific terminal, which isn't much help when they just need a ride home from the club at 2AM. The Dutch don't have to necessarily forgo one convenience for another now that there's an iPhone app. Edging closer to services like Uber, the TomTomTaxi app lets travelers order a cab from their own devices, learn about drivers and choose favorite drivers if they have good experiences. The software may keep rude surprises to a minimum, as well, when both the driver and travelers can see the fastest route for themselves. Expansion outside of the Netherlands is still a mystery, although there's an Android app on the way that should cover a larger swath of taxi seekers.

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