Starfleet really never got its act together in this crisis.
As I began playing Star Trek Online for the first time in years, it occurred to me that the tutorial quests were still very familiar. This is not entirely surprising; outside of a handful of extra help windows, they're the same basic tutorial quests that existed in the game back when it launched.

On the one hand, this is perfectly reasonable. Updating a bunch of tutorial quests that are there just to ease you into the feel of a new game would just be fixing something that's not broken. At the same time, when the game presents its tutorial as part of a story, it's odd when the tutorial no longer reflects the overall setting of the game. And if you've played the tutorial before, it's a bit disheartening to do so a second (or third or fourth...) time.

So what do you think? Should games periodically update their tutorials? Or should a tutorial be upgraded only to be more straightforward rather than changing with the times?

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