Around Azeroth: I came as soon as I could

Around Azeroth I came as soon as I could TUESDAY
The staggering amount of deaths involved in the Oondasta fight have been a popular screenshot subject lately. "I logged in for our Saturday night raid and everybody that was in Vent pleaded with me to come help them," writes submitter Batintfaq of Suicidal Tendencies on Velen (US-A). "They had been at this boss for four hours. When I arrived, the sight of the all the bones was breathtaking, and Oondasta was at the 'Hammer of Wrath' stage. As you can see, we got him, but what you don't see is the massive pile of bones behind me on the cliffs. I was giggling while taking screenshots, wishing I could share with you the true scale of decimation this fight turned into. That's a massive repair bill right there."
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This article was originally published on WoW Insider.