WB Games San Francisco opens this year, will focus on F2P, mobile games

WB Games San Francisco announced, will focus on F2P, publishing mobile games
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is opening a new studio in San Francisco some time this year, a studio which is unsurprisingly called WB Games San Francisco. WB Games San Francisco will be responsible for "developing and publishing high-quality, free-to-play, mobile, social and browser-based games."

Greg Ballard – who was appointed to senior VP of digital games in 2010 – will be studio head honcho. "San Francisco is a hotbed of local talent and convenient access to major partners, and this will help us achieve our goal to bring our top entertainment and gaming brands, as well as original IP, to multiple mobile, social and emerging platforms," Ballard said. In addition to development, WB Games San Francisco will also oversee publishing duties for all mobile games developed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.