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HTC Butterfly said to be getting a sequel, thanks to strong sales in Asia

Sharif Sakr

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It's anyone's guess how the HTC One will fare in the West. After all, quality doesn't guarantee success. If we look across to Asia, though, we can see that the One's counterpart in that hemisphere, the Butterfly, has already gained some traction. Supply has failed to meet demand in its Taiwanese homeland and, according to Focus Taiwan, the phone has enjoyed "brisk sales" in Japan too -- at one point toppling the iPhone 5 to become KDDI's bestselling handset. There's been sufficient interest, in fact, that HTC's marketing boss Ben Ho has been quoted as promising a successor to the Butterfly, which will carry the same brand name. He didn't say when a Butterfly II might arrive, or what new "innovations" it might deliver, but it's an encouraging sign nonetheless.

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