Massively Exclusive: New Code Electra class sizzles in Elsword trailer

Massively Exclusive  New Code Electra class sizzles in Elsword trailer
If you've wanted more sizzle in your Elsword gaming, you're in luck! Kill3rCombo has revealed Code Electra, the next class in its transformation series. Along with a whole new look, fans of Eve can revel in unleashing powerful electrical attacks and zapping enemies with devastating laser beams.

With the Code Electra class, the queen of a lost robotic race will unlock the El Spectrum ability, allowing her to alter her attacks by switching between multiple modes. Need to scatter the laser beam to hit more enemies? Can do. How about focus the beam for increased damage? Yup. This mode switching will affect all of the various skills available to Eve, offering players a multitude of strategic options.

Check out Eve's new look as Code Electra in the gallery below and watch her new abilities in action in the video after the break.

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