Google realizes the importance of its Drive online file storage service in our always-on, always-connected world. To make Drive better for users and developers alike, Google has added two new features, app data folders and custom properties, to its Drive SDK.

The app data folder serves as a hidden storage space that developers can use to store configuration files and other important app data that shouldn't be changed by the user. Files stored within an app data folder are hidden from both the user and from other apps. Only your app can see what is stored within this location. It prevents other apps from taking information from your files and also stops users from accidentally deleting core app files.

Also, developers now can use their app to add custom properties to a Drive file and then track that property. In an example provided by Google, developers could create a project-management app that tracks a file as it moves through the review process.

You can read more about the app data folders and customer properties on Google's website and ask questions on Stack Overflow.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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