EVE introduces interactive timeline
As EVE Online approaches the big 1-0, many can't help but think about how all the events and happenings over the last 10 years had shaped life in this massive space sandbox. But trying to explain a full decade of New Eden's extensive history was no easy task -- until now. CCP has just introduced the EVE timeline, an interactive exploration of the setting and lore of both EVE and its new companion, DUST 514.

In its inaugural form, this timeline sticks with core concepts, discussing how the universe was discovered and colonized. As time progresses, the functionality of the timeline will expand, including the addition of excerpts from the True Stories initiative as well as accounts from other major player events. Check it out on the new EVE.com website, then let CCP know what moments you think warrant mentioning in this easy-to-navigate history via the blog's comment section.

This article was originally published on Massively.