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HSN's order page for T-Mobile's Lumia 521 goes live early


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It feels like only yesterday we told you HSN would be the first retailer offering T-Mobile's Nokia Lumia 521, and although the place hasn't changed, the date has. The Lumia 520 variant wasn't expected to be available through HSN's online store until tomorrow, but in a bit of good news to kick off your Friday, the order page is now live. An off-contract handset will set you back $149.95, or four payments of $37.49. The next confirmed date we have for availability is May 11th at Microsoft and Walmart stores, so if you're looking to bag one of the budget Windows Phone 8 handsets before then, head to the source link and hit the virtual checkout -- not only may stock run dry, but HSN could've accidentally pulled the trigger early and hide the page when orders start rolling in.

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