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Sony Xperia SP on sale now in the UK at T-Mobile, Orange and EE


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Sony's mash-up Xperia, the SP, is taking its transparent element light show to the UK today, giving budget-minded Brits one stylish and feature-packed mobile alternative. The 4.6-inch 720p handset, which is basically a Best of... edition of the Xperia S and P with an aluminum unibody, is shipping now at T-Mobile UK for £250 outright (about $387 USD), whereas Orange and EE are offering up the device for free with qualifying plans. If you want LTE, however, you only have one carrier option and that's EE -- a choice that'll have you shackled for a two-year period. As for O2 and Three, those carriers still have the SP listed as "coming soon," but it's safe to say you won't find a better bargain than *free.

*Nothing in life is free.

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