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Sony Xperia L swings by the FCC with North America-friendly 3G


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While Sony intrigued us with the Xperia L's blend of a low-end smartphone with a higher-end camera, it wasn't very specific on just where we could eventually buy one: "worldwide" doesn't help, folks. Courtesy of an FCC filing, there's now a hint that the phone might show up in North America. The L has surfaced at the US agency carrying HSPA-based 3G compatible with the likes of AT&T, Straight Talk and T-Mobile, as well as Canadian carriers of all sizes. Even with a manual included in the filing, though, there's no telltale clues as to which providers in either country might be interested. Without any built-in LTE, the Xperia L we see here is more likely to reach either smaller networks or go the carrier-independent route -- if it comes to North America at all, that is.

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