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All-in-one Atari 2600 controller crafted to curtail retro gaming clutter


Ahhh, the venerable Atari 2600. The godfather of console gaming has, in recent years, seen a resurgence as a hacker's muse -- mods to its innards and controllers are legion on the web. Recently, a new mod emerged: a controller that combines the capabilities of the Atari's joystick, paddle and keyboard controllers. It's crafted from a small wooden box, a cannibalized joystick, an Ethernet cable, some switches and a smattering of other electronic bits, and there's a full how-to on making one of your own on Instructables, courtesy of user x2Jiggy. If the mere mention of such an all-in-one has those DIY juices flowing, head on past the break for a construction video and see how it's done. It's high time you dust off your stock 2600 and break out Pitfall, Adventure or, well, Breakout.

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