Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week's tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.


This week's After Math appears to have taken on a comic book theme. Want to make your own Thor hammer? How about your very own Atomic Watch -- rather than those radio-wave-based excuses of a timepiece? We've also got the very real prospect of civilian flights to outer space and, er, Kobe Bryant advertising Lenovo smartphones. Stranger things have happened, right? Join us after the break.

  • Volts coursing through this guy's homemade Thor hammer: 80,000
  • Price of a truly atomic wristwatch: $78,000
  • Ticket price for the first thousand passengers on Virgin Galactic: $250,000
  • Reported amount bid for first commercial airline ticket in 1914: $400
  • That bid adjusted for inflation: $9,310.92
  • Estimated launch date for Virgin Galactic's first passenger flight into space: early 2014
  • NASA's estimated date for domestic flights with US astronauts: 2017
  • Camera lenses on LG's Optimus 3D: 3
  • Lenses within Pelican's developmental array camera: 16

  • Years that Kobe Bryant has played professional basketball: 16
  • Years that Lenovo has been making Android smartphones: 3
  • Amount Bryant was paid for this Lenovo spot: Unknown
  • Amount Bryant was paid for endorsements in 2011 / 2012 according to Forbes: $32 million
  • Current number of registered users on sticker-happy LINE messenger: 150 million
  • Current number of Facebook users: 665 million
  • Facebook's revenue for Q1 2013: $1.46 billion
  • Size of a hydrogen atom: 0.12nm (depending on your definition)
  • Frames in IBM's atomic-scale stop-motion movie: 242