Google Translate Android app gets Phrasebook syncing, additional language support for visual translation

Google Translate app for Android gets Phrasebook syncing and additional picture  makes it easer to remain monolingual

Google Translate's truly a wonder of modern technology, with the ability to translate 64 70 languages, whether they are written, spoken or even photographed. Today Google's made it easier than ever to remain mono-lingual when traveling abroad by updating the Translate app for Android with Phrasebook syncing. This new feature lets users save translations of often used phrases and have access to them on any and all of their devices. Additionally, support for 16 new languages for its camera translation feature comes with the new code as well. This means that tourists traveling to Barcelona, Croatia, Slovenia and thirteen other places in Scandinavia and eastern Europe need not pester the locals for help reading street signs to get around. They can be good guests and offer to buy them a beer in their native tongue instead.