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Stiq Figures, April 29  May 5 Arcade cabinet edition
Reddit user mystery_smelly_feet recently posted a gallery of photos showing off the construction process for a custom arcade cabinet. The cabinet sports a classic Nintendo theme, complete with iconic grey, red and black controls that are vaguely similar to the NES game pad we all know and love. We're looking at it this week on Stiq Figures out of pure awe and jealousy. Make one for us, Mystery Smelly Feet!

3DS LL: 50,190 [UP] 12,654 (33.71%)
3DS: 26,273 [UP] 8,376 (46.80%)
Vita: 22,051 [UP] 652 (3.05%)
PS3: 17,415 [UP] 2,733 (18.61%)
Wii U: 13,173 [UP] 4,911 (59.44%)
PSP: 8,443 [UP] 907 (12.04%)
Wii: 2,238 [UP] 578 (34.82%)
Xbox 360: 596 [UP] 106 (21.63%)

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