Play-i building educational, programmable robots for kids

Playi building educational, programmable robots for kids

We've seen software and even TV shows that teach younger kids about technology, but we haven't really seen ready-made educational robots for that age group -- and no, AIBO and Furby don't count. Play-i, a new startup involving former Apple and Google employees, thinks it's time that the younger set receives some truly helpful mechanical companions. The company tells AllThingsD that it's developing robots that 5 to 8 year olds can program through mobile devices, teaching them about code in a more tangible way than a device screen would allow. While details of the robots are scarce, the team is shooting for sub-$100 prices that parents could afford: these bots may not be limited to classrooms. We'll hopefully discover more when Play-i starts a crowdfunding campaign in the summer, although it will still be a long while before we're picking up Junior's First Automaton.

[Image credit: Alonso Inostrosa Psijas, Flickr]